Ecological Network along the Sava River

The Final Meeting related to Project "Development of an Ecological Network along the Sava River", which is being realized within the Dutch PIN-Matra Financing Program, was held in premises of the Institute for nature protection of Republic Serbia in Belgrade on June 06-07 2006. It is the one-year project (June 2005 – June 2006) and it presents the continuation of the project "Enhancing Integrated Trans-boundary River Management of the Sava River". The project team is consisted of international partners IAC Wageningen (Denmark), Bio-consult (Denmark), IUCN (The World Conservation Union), as well as the experts of the Institutes for nature protection from the Sava River Basin countries.

The overview of activities realized under the project, and, among else, the content of the “Natura 2000” standard databases for specific localities along the Sava River watercourse and preparation of databanks for the SDI (Spatial Data Infrastructure) database on biodiversity in the Sava River Basin was presented on the meeting. There was also a discussion on possibilities of use of the obtained results by the Sava Commission. It was concluded that results could be used to set-up one of the databases under the future unique information system for the Sava River Basin, that the Sava Commission and its Secretariat commenced to work on.