Visit of P. Weller, The Executive Secretary of the ICPDR

The Executive Secretary of the International Commission for Protection of Danube River (ICPDR), Mr. Philip Weller, visited the Secretariat of the Sava Commission on May 31 2006. The Meeting with Mr. Weller was organized in order to reconsider forms of possible cooperation of the ICPDR and the Sava Commission.

The current situation in the Sava Commission and the Secretariat, so-far realized and planned activities, information on priority projects of the Sava Commission, current situation in regard to personnel of the Secretariat, progress in process of establishment of the expert groups, preparation of map of the Sava River Basin as basis of future unique information system, structure of the information system, etc., were presented to Mr. Weller during his visit. Additionally, the work of the Secretariat in area of navigation, as well as the work of the Sava Commission’s Expert Group for Navigation was also introduced to Mr. Weller, since the last day of the First Session of this expert group was held during that day.

Certain arrangements, related to future cooperation between the Secretariats of the ICPDR and the Sava Commission, were agreed, such as:
  • Organization of the meeting of officials of the Secretariats of the two Commissions from adequate departments, in view of information exchange and establishment of cooperation;
  • Cooperation and coordination of work of the expert groups of the two Commissions;
  • Active involvement of the Sava Commission’s Expert Group for Navigation in work of appropriate bodies of the ICPDR (first of all, group for analysis of hydro-morphological changes in the Danube Basin), as well as in process of preparation of Declaration on further development of navigation on the Danube River Basin, which has been recently initiated by the ICPDR;
  • Coordination of activities in area on management of the flood protection;
  • Mutual recognition of the observer status.