Visit to the Secretariat of the ICPDR

The meeting of representatives of the Secretariat of the International Commission for Protection of the Danube River (ICPDR) and the Sava Commission was held in Vienna, the Seat of the ICPDR, on October 18 2006. Main goal of the meeting was to introduce the officials of the secretariat from respective departments, as well the future conversations on further cooperation of the two secretariats.

Information related to on-going and planned activities of the two commissions in respective fields of work were exchanged at the meeting. Several issues were reconsidered within conversation on future cooperation, such as: granting the mutual observer status, reciprocal participation on the sessions of the working groups, development of the information system for the Sava River Basin in context of compatibility with the information system of the ICPDR, possible cooperation in doing the field measurements (“Joint Danube Survey”), as well as the possible cooperation in informing the public.