The Sava Commission obtained the observer status on the 27th Meeting of the GIS Forum Danube

The 27th Meeting of the GIS Forum Danube was held in Vienna on May 09-10, 2006 in premises of the Via Donau. All members of the GIS Forum, except the representatives of Russia, Croatia and Serbia and Montenegro, attended the Meeting.

Thereon, the Sava Commission has officially become the observer at the GIS Forum having the same status as the Danube Commission. Topics related to the ENC production, different national activities, D4D project, implementation of the depths in the ENC, and so on, were discussed on the meeting. Two following presentations were delivered: GIS database of the ICPDR and the Jappesen Company (European subsidiary of the BOEING), and of DoRIS.

Future events:

The 28th Meeting of the GIS Forum Danube will be held on October 04-06, 2006 in Bratislava (Slovakia).
As of the next event, the GIS Workshop will be titled as the Danube Information System Conference and will take place on November 07-08, 2006 in Budapest (Hungary).

More information on GIS Forum Danube, projects, implementation and all other events can be found on following website: