The 2006 Hydrological Yearbook of the Sava River Basin

To achieve the primary objectives set by the Framework Agreement on the Sava River Basin, it is of high importance to enable a coordinated collection and exchange of hydrological and meteorological data on the basin level. For this purpose, it is necessary to secure an access to the information needed to facilitate a wide range of activities on all levels – local, regional and international.

Accordingly, upon initiative of the hydrological and meteorological services of the Parties to the FASRB, the ISRBC has commenced the activities on development of the 2006 Hydrological Yearbook of the Sava River Basin, which is now available on the ISRBC web site. This is the first hydrological yearbook for the whole basin since 1986, when the last yearbook for the whole SFR Yugoslavia was issued by the Federative Hydro-meteorological Institute.
In the 2006 Hydrological Yearbook, the data from selected hydrological and meteorological stations in the Sava river basin, comprising the basic data on hydrological stations, the values of water levels, discharges and water temperatures, are provided. The data on suspended sediment discharges for Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia are included in the Yearbook, as well. In addition, an overview of the characteristic air temperatures and precipitation from the most important meteorological stations is presented.

The 2006 Hydrological Yearbook is the first in a series of yearbooks for the Sava river basin, to be prepared in future. Depending on availability of the data, our plan is to issue the yearbooks for 2007 and 2008 by end of this year, as well. Finally, we hope that the future yearbooks will also include the data from Montenegro, whose 50% of the territory belongs to the Sava river basin, making a share of nearly 8% of the whole basin area, and thus ensure full coverage of the Sava river basin.

The 2006 Hydrological Yearbook of the Sava River Basin can be downloaded here.