Preparation of the Sava River Basin Analysis Report – Hydromorphology partPROJECT TITLE:
Preparation of the Sava River Basin Analysis Report (Sava RBA Report ) – Hydromorphology part

In accordance with the Framework Agreement on the Sava River Basin (FASRB) and the conclusions from the 7th Special Session of the ISRBC, the Secretariat of the ISRBC (hereinafter: the Secretariat), acting as the Contracting Authority on behalf of the ISRBC, invites eligible Service Providers to take part in the Competitive Request for Quotations procedure in order to award the contract and to provide the following consulting services thereafter.

Goal of the project:
This project aims to contribute to the finalization of the Sava River Basin Analysis Report as an input to the first Sava RBM Plan as required by EC Water Framework Directive, by preparation of a comprehensive report on hydromorphological drivers, pressures and impacts in the Sava River Basin. This report should also, by its findings and recommendations, contribute to increase synergies and reduce antagonisms among different sectoral policies in the Sava River Basin.
Scope of Services:
• Assessment of hydro-morphological drivers, pressures and impacts in the Sava River Basin by identification of i.e. interruptions of continuum- longitudinal connectivity, disruption of lateral connectivity, alteration of river bed and riparian zone, river straightening, deepening, alteration of flow profile, hydro peaking ongoing and future infrastructure projects for the Sava River and all the tributaries with catchment area F>500 km2.
• Assistance in organization of a consultation workshop with relevant experts from Sava riparian countries dealing with hydro-morphological issues and from sectors of navigation, flood protection and hydropower
• Preparation of report on hydromorphological issues in the Sava river basin and GIS database

Bidding will be conducted through the competitive Request for Quotations procedure as specified in the Rules of Procurement Procedures of the ISRBC and according to the selection criteria specified in the Request for Quotation documents.
Bidding procedure is open to the invited Supliers and any natural or legal person who decides to respond on this procurement notice.
A complete set of bidding documents in English may be obtained by interested bidders free of charge upon submission of a written application to the address below:
International Sava River Basin Commission
Attn.: Ms. Janja Zlatić-Jugović
Nova Ves 11, 10000 Zagreb
Fax: + 385 1 3886 986
The documents will be sent by mail or e-mail on address indicated in written application. Any further inquiries may be also addressed to the above contact person.
Properly equipped bids must be delivered to the ISRBC by 12:00 on December 18, 2008. They will be opened immediately thereafter, in a way prescribed in the Request for Quotations, in the presence of bidders who chose to attend. Late bids will be rejected.
No bid security is required.
Proposals will be ranked according to their combined technical (St) and financial (Sf) scores using following technical criteria:
- Adequacy of the proposed work plan and methodology in responding to the Terms of Reference,
- Qualifications and competence of the Service Provider and proposed price.
Details can be found in tender documents.
Expected commencement date is December 29, 2008.
Expected duration of services is 2 months.

Maximum 9 000 US$