Presentation of the construction of hydropower plants on lower Sava River in Slovenia

On October 15 2007, the representatives of the Secretariat of ISRBC visited the construction site of HE Blanca (Sevnica, Slovenia) with accompanied facilities.The concessionaire company INFRA presented the project of construction of hydropower plants on lower Sava. The state secretary of Ministry of Environment and spatial planning (MOP), Mr. Mitja Bricelj (M. Sc.), the director of the concessionaire, director of the project HSE Skupni podvig, Izgradnja HE na spodnji Savi, supervisor and mayors of Sevnica,Brežice also attended the meeting.
  • The main purpose of the meeting was implementation of the objectives of Framework Agreement of Sava River Basin referring to:Establishment of an international regime of navigation on the Sava River and its navigable tributaries;
  • Establishment of sustainable water management; and
  • Undertaking the measures to prevent or limit hazards, and reduce and eliminate adverse consequences, including those from floods, ice hazards, droughts and incidents involving substances hazardous to water.