PIANC Regional CEEC Group Meeting, held on July 18 2006, in Szazhalombatta (Hungary)

The Austrian Office of PIANC organized the Regional Meeting with aim to urge the cooperation and promotion of new projects on inland waterways in the region. The motivation to organize the meeting is reflected in fact that the International Cooperation Commission (CoCom) wants to develop relations with members and form new members of the PIANC in places where it has no national selections, and that the Austrian PIANC Office wants to get strengthened.

The President of the PIANC, Mr. Eric van den Eede, addressed the meeting, and besides presentations of representatives of Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Croatia and Romania, related to national activities in regard to infrastructure, management and maintenance of the inland waterways, the representative of the Sava Commission Secretariat was also entitled to 15 minutes in order to deliver presentation on history, importance and activities of the Sava Commission/Secretariat.

Representatives of Bulgaria, Serbia, Ukraine and Latvia didn’t attend the meeting.

The Meeting ended by presentation of the President of PIANC, with accent on improvement of cooperation between PIANC and CEE countries, and improvement or initiation of national PIANC activities in the CEE countries.

More info on PIANC can be found on the re-designed presentation on the following website: www.pianc.org.