OSCE Conference on Water Management

The 2nd Preparatory Conference to the 15th OSCE Economic and Environmental Forum was held on March 12-13, 2007, in Zaragoza (Spain).More than 100 participants of the 56 OSCE member countries, international organizations, NGOs and international financial institutions have gathered at the Conference.

The results achieved in the OSCE region in the field of water management were presented and analyzed, and the possibilities and priorities for the future cooperation were discussed at the Conference. The protection against the harmful effects of water, such as floods, droughts and accidents, was emphasized as one of important fields in the future cooperation, being at the same time one of the priorities of the Sava Commission, as well.

The Sava Commission was represented at the Conference by the Secretary, Dr. Dejan Komatina, who presented an invited lecture on the work of the Sava Commission, within the plenary session on »OSCE experiences in promoting transboundary cooperation on water management«.