Meeting of the Secretaries to the International River Basin and Lake Commissions

At Premises of the Secretariat of the International Commission for Rhine Protection in Koblenz (Germany), on August 24-25 2006, was held a Meeting of the Secretaries of the International Commissions for protection of Rhine, Odra, Elba, Danube, Mosel and Saar, Maas, Scheldt, Wadden Sea, lake Leman and group of lakes on the north of Italy, as well as the International Sava River Basin Commission.

The meeting actually referred to the traditional annual gathering organized with aim to introduce the commissions in context of their organizational structures, means and scope of work, mechanism of the secretariat` communication with the commissions and competent national authorities, the way of projects` financing, as well the exchange of information on realized and planned activities in the preceding year.

The meeting was of large benefit in context of provision of information regarding the Sava Commission to the participants. Upon invitation of the Secretary to the International Commission for the Protection of Elba River, next meeting will be held in year 2007 in Magdeburg (Germany), where this Commission is seated.