Electronic Navigation Charts (ENC)

Electronic Navigation Charts (ENC) present one of the River Information Services (RIS). Holders of the RIS development in the Republic of Serbia and Republic of Croatia (whereby, on the Sava River) are the Directorate for inland waterways from Belgrade – Plovput and the Agency for inland waterways from Vukovar, respectively, while in Bosnia and Herzegovina has no experience with regard to the RIS. Since no commercial navigation on the Sava River is taking place in Slovenia, the RIS hasn’t been developed there.

Plovput from Belgrade has been developing the RIS independently, and the Agency for inland waterways from Vukovar provides for functionality of the RIS in Croatia, which also involves the development of the electronic navigation charts.

The Sava River is completely covered by the ENC in Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, which includes sections belonging to Serbia and Croatia, as well as the common sections of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

ENC is independently developed by Plovput in Serbia, while in Croatia the ENC for the Agency for inland waterways from Vukovar is developed by the CRUP Ltd. from Zagreb.
Electronic Navigation Charts are developed in accordance with the Inland ECDIS Standard for Electronic Chart Display in inland navigation. The Standard is accepted by the Central Commission for Navigation on the Rhine, Danube Commission and European Commission, as approved under the Directive No. 414/2007 (Commission Regulation (EC) No. 414/2007 of 13 March 2007 concerning the technical guidelines for the planning, implementation and operational use of river information services (RIS) referred to in Article 5 of Directive 2005/44/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council on harmonised river information services (RIS) on inland waterways in the Community), as well as by the Sava Commission pursuant to the Decision 04/09 on adoption of the Inland ECDIS Standard.

ENC are developed for the navigation purposes solely, and do not contain any additional information of commercial character.The current ENC versions are set in different formats (000 – ENC developed for the Agency for inland waterways from Vukovar by CRUP and 7cb – ENC developed by Plovput) in version IENC 1.02, with different level of details. Reasons for that can be found in the newly established marking system on the Sava River in Serbia.

Original ENC can be downloaded from the web presentation of the Agency for inland waterways from Vukovar at http://www.vodniputovi.hr/index.php?page=encCharts and CRUP at http://www.crup.hr/index.php?page=encdownload. ENC is to be released on the web presentation of the Plovput, as announced.

Free ENC viewer - Seemyenc 2.0 data viewer – is available on http://www.sevencs.com/service-products/download.

Role of the Sava Commission with regard to ENC lies in its harmonization on the Sava River, which is to be realized through activities of the recently established Ad hoc Expert Group for RIS.

The available ENC are at disposal of users free of charge.

The ENC released here are suitable for informative uses only, but not for navigation. CRUP Ltd, Agency for inland Waterways, Ministry of sea, transport and infrastructure of the Republic of Croatia, Plovput, Ministry of infrastructure of the Republic of Serbia and the Sava Commission take no liability in terms of eventual errors and any direct or indirect damages caused by use of these charts.

The Secretariat of the Sava Commission expresses its thanks to the afore-stated institutions for the ENC delivered.

Tabular overview of Sava's ENCs:
Stretch of Sava river Revision Date of revision Download IENC version Format
km 0-2 - 18.11.2009. 2p7sava1 1.02 7cb
km 2-22 - 18.11.2009. 2p7sava2 1.02 7cb
km 22-60 - 18.11.2009. 2p7sava3 1.02 7cb
km 60-103 - 18.11.2009. 2p7sava4 1.02 7cb
km 103-130 - 18.11.2009. 2p7sava5 1.02 7cb
km 130-149 - 18.11.2009. 2p7sava6 1.02 7cb
km 149-211 - 18.11.2009. 2p7sava7 1.02 7cb
km 211-235 3 02.10.2009. 5C5SV235 1.02 000
km 235-263 3 02.10.2009. 5C5SV263 1.02 000
km 263-315 3 02.10.2009. 5C5SV315 1.02 000
km 315-340 3 02.10.2009. 5C5SV340 1.02 000
km 340-372 3 02.10.2009. 5C5SV372 1.02 000
km 372-403 3 02.10.2009. 5C5SV403 1.02 000
km 403-426 3 02.10.2009. 5C5SV426 1.02 000
km 426-454 3 02.10.2009. 5C5SV454 1.02 000
km 454-468 3 02.10.2009. 5C5SV468 1.02 000
km 468-486 3 02.10.2009. 5C5SV486 1.02 000
km 486-520 3 02.10.2009. 5C5SV520 1.02 000
km 520-554 3 02.10.2009. 5C5SV554 1.02 000
km 554-574 3 02.10.2009. 5C5SV574 1.02 000
km 574-594 3 02.10.2009. 5C5SV594 1.02 000

Documents in attachment

Serbian ENCs on Sava River rkm 211 - rkm 0
Croatian ENCs on Sava River rkm 594 - rkm 211