The Meeting was held on November 06-08 2006, in Budapest (Hungary) and attended by representatives of Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, Germany and Czech Republic, which presented the national activities under the RIS development.The representatives of industries delivered information stating that over 2700 vessels were already equipped by Inland ECDIS viewer. The FME S57 Writer, which performs the conversion of different formats to the ENC, was also presented.

Bottlenecks from aspect of further implementation of the RIS, such as the coverage, quality and harmonization of ENC, lack of NtS, lack of ideas for implementation of Inland AIS standard, current state of ERI, etc., were also reconsidered.

Within the D4D project, the status of data exchange was presented, as well as the IRIS Europe project (http://www.iris-europe.net), and an example of lock management in Belgium.

Next meeting of the GIS Forum Danube will be held in Kiev on February 13-14 2007.

More info on DISC 06, GIS Forum Danube, projects, implementation and events can be found on http://www.gis-forum.org/.