DISC' 08

DISC'08 was held on November 11-12, 2008, in Hamburg (Germany), and attended by representatives of Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, Germany and Czech Republic. The participant exchanged the information and experiences from field of management, integration and maintenance of the national RIS, ENC production, and manufacturing and application of hardware and software.They’ve also summarized on the progress in RIS development on national level.

Mr. Ludwig Steinhuber, the GIS Forum Chairman, presided over the meeting, and, besides him, the introductory notes were also given by representative of the organizer, Mr. Detlef Aster, the WSD Süd President, and representatives of the Danube Commission and Sava Commission.

Along with presentations on national RIS activities, the representative of the Sava Commission presented the so-far activities and RIS Implementation Plan for the Sava River.

Representatives of a several leading companies dealing with RIS issues, acting as the industry representatives, presented their products and plans.

A few panel presentations of several companies were also arranged, whereby, the attendees of the meeting could get more familiarized with their products.

More info on GIS Danube Forum, projects, implementation and events is available at http://www.gis-forum.org/.