Arrangement on realization of project “Establishment of network of local actors in the Sava River Basin”

On September 20 2006 in premises of the REC CO Croatia was held a meeting related to cooperation of the Sava Commission Secretariat and REC CO Croatia during realization of the above mentioned project. The project, managed by REC CO Croatia and financed by OSCE, will last 4 months, with main goal to launch the process of establishment the network of local actors in the Sava River Basin for the main purpose of promotion of exchange of information’s and collaboration, also cooperation in improvement of the Sava River Basin management and the water quality, as well as identification of role of local actors in the overall process of the River basin management.

Way of work within the project and scope of cooperation of REC and the Sava Commission Secretariat were agreed on the meeting, in order to have the highest benefit from the project results for the Sava basin countries and the Sava Commission. Host of the meeting was Ms. Irena Brnada, director of the REC CO Croatia, and the meeting was attended by PhD Dejan Komatina, the Secretary of the Sava Commission and Mr. Dragan Zeljko, Deputy Secretary for Integrated river basin management and Water planning at the Sava Commission.