5th Standing Working Group Meeting of the ICPDR

5th Standing Working Group Meeting of the ICPDR was held on June 14/15 2007 in Snagov, near Bucharest (Romania).It was actually the ordinary session attended by the representatives of the ICPDR member countries and organizations with status of observer and guest.

As usual, the fist part of the session was closed for observers and guests. Afterwards, the activities realized in respective expert areas and work of the expert groups were considered. Reports on activities in major subbasins of the Danube were presented under the agenda item related to the activities of the ICPDR in river basin management (RBM). Under this agenda item, the Secretary of the Sava Commission delivered presentation on activities of the Sava Commission realized by the 9th Ordinary Session of the ICPDR (December 2006).

Involvement of the Sava Commission in realization of the “Joint Danube Survey” to be done during this year, have been also discussed, as well as other forms of cooperation of the Sava Commission and the ICPDR.

Amongelse, the presentation on final evaluation of the UNDP/GEF Danube Regional Project was delivered on the session. In their final clause, the evaluators gave to the UNDP and GEF a series of recommendations regarding their future activities. One of the recommendations was to continue their presence and activities in the Danube region in its subbasin level, which could have positive effects whilst Sava Commission’ bidding for financial assets at this institution.