28th Meeting of the GIS Forum Danube

The Meeting was held on October 04-05 2006 in Bratislava in attendance of representatives of the member states of the GIS Forum, the Danube Commission and the Sava Commission. The exchanged information were related to further development of the RIS, so, therein, it was stated that so far 100 vessels equipped with AIS transponders were registered in the Austrian part of the Danube, and that 100-odd vessels equipped with AIS transponders were registered on the Serbian and joint part of the Danube of Croatia and Serbia.

WP D4D leaders presented the activities of groups by respective topics, and further activities in regard to changes of the D4D object catalogue and distribution of the D4D certificates. One of the most prominent presentations was the one referring to the database on all accidents in navigation on inland waterways of Germany, whilst the project was approved by the Government of Germany and beginning of its realization was expected in March 2007. The most important information from the event is that AIS transponder is obligatory for all vessels on all inland waterways of Germany.

Future events:

Next meeting of the GIS Forum Danube will be held in spring 2007. Danube Information System Conference - DISC (former GIS Workshop) will be held on November 07-08 2006 in Budapest, Hungary. More info on GIS Forum Danube, projects, implementation and events can be found on http://www.gis-forum.org/