Meeting of representatives of the UNDP/GEF DRP project »Support to development of the Sava River Basin Management Plan – Pilot Project«, CARDS project »Pilot River Basin Plan for the Sava River« and representatives of the ICPDR Secretariat and Sava Commis

The meeting was held on September 19 2006 in premises of the Sava Commission in Zagreb, with main goal to harmonize further activities on UNDP/GEF and CARDS projects, as well as to define dynamics and the way of further communication with the Sava Commission Secretariat in order to achieve better project results with the largest effects for the beneficiaries – the Sava countries and the Sava Commission.

Intensive communication of the UNDP/GEF project team and the Sava Commission Secretariat was agreed for the forthcoming period by the end of the project (its beginning was in end of 2005, and it ends in February 2007), principally in regard to structure of the Sava River Basin Management Plan and the Action Plan for Preparation of the River Basin Management Plan, in order to adjust the work of the project team with needs of the Sava Commission, as future beneficiary of these results. Among else, real point of wiev of technical support of the CARDS Sava Project to the Sava Commission Secretariat and frame dynamics of these activities, which will be proposed to the project manager and the Sava Commission in order to obtain official support, were also agreed. Previously agreed visit of the Sava Commission Secretariat staff to the ICPDR Secretariat was confirmed for October 18 2006 in Vienna, for purpose of their future cooperation.