8th meeting of the Sava youth parliament

end:  01.06.2019.start:  31.05.2019.
venue:  Sotla/Sutla River Basin – Kumrovec (HR), Vonarje (HR/SI), Kozjansko Reginal Park (SI)
Among other events the International Sava Day (1 June) is celebrated each year by organization of the Sava Youth Parliament. The eighth Sava Youth Parliament took place on 31 May an 1. June 2019 at the border region between Slovenia and Croatia (Kumrovec, Vonarje, Kozjansko Regional Park).

Parliament is a platform where 40 pupils and professors from 8 middle schools from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia and Serbia gathered. On the basis of the competition entitled "Let’s cooperate for water", schools from Kiseljak, Gradiška, Zagreb, Samobor, Belgrade, Ljubljana and Maribor were selected.
The aim of the meeting is to allow the discussion and recognize the ideas of young people from the Sava river basin on methods how to harmonize different interests of water users at specific area, and how young people would resolve potential conflicts between different stakeholders or groups at local, regional and transboundary levels.
The main organizer was the Sava Commission, an international institution which coordinates the efforts of all countries bounding to the conservation and development of the Sava River. The event was sponsored by UNDP in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and the Aquatic Economy-Republic Directorate for the Waters of the Government of the Republic of Serbia.
More information is available at the Sava Youth Parliament website.