Hidrološki i hidraulički modeli

The hydrologic and hydraulic modeling in the Sava countries consists of a discontinuous collection of models developed using various software applications across multiple jurisdictional boundaries with a clear need to apply a systems-based approach to floodplain management and to develop hydrological and hydraulic models of the Sava River basin that will be shared between the countries.

To aid the Sava Commission and its member countries to achieve the goal of a system-wide model, the US Government through the European Command and the US Embassy in Croatia has provided a technical support through the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) by developing a comprehensive hydrological model of the Sava River basin and a hydraulic model of the Sava River. Both models were delivered to the relevant institutions of countries as well as incorporated and operationally running as a backbone of the Sava Flood Forecasting and Warning System.

Successful development of the joint Sava River basin models is expected to have a direct impact on international efforts not only in flood forecasting and warning but also to develop integrated flood maps and integrated data collection which will reduce vulnerability to natural, technological, and willful hazards.