Savsko vijeće za vode

The Sava Water Council (SWC) which has been established by the Sava Commission (DECISION – 20/15 from November 30, 2015) is an advisory platform of the ISRBC for the general purpose of public participation and stakeholder involvement in the work of the ISRBC. The purpose of the SWC is to facilitate broad stakeholder involvement towards providing advice to the ISRBC on issues relevant for the implementation of the FASRB.

Through the SWC, the ISRBC will be informed with knowledge, tools and innovations regarding water resources, river basin management, navigation and other water uses (e.g. nautical and eco-tourism) and about concerns and needs of the stakeholders.
Until now two meetings of the SWC has been held with the financial support of US Government.
  • 1st meeting (Belgrade (Serbia), February 18-19, 2016)
  • 2nd meeting (Sevnica (Slovenia), June 6-7, 2016).
Next meeting of SWC is planned to be organized when the financial support will be ensured.