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Public participation is one of the core principles in sustainable water management as required by the Framework Agreement on the Sava River Basin (FASRB) and Water Framework Directive (WFD).

The FASRB does not deal specifically with the involvement of the public and stakeholders. Nevertheless, Article 21 foresees the basic participation form, which is also the prerequisite of any form of stakeholder involvement, stating that “implementation and monitoring methodology will include timely provision of information to stakeholders and the general public by the authorities responsible for the implementation of the FASRB.”
The EU WFD requires public participation in river-basin management planning in different forms, including “active involvement of all interested Parties” or “stakeholders” in the implementation of the directive, and in particular, “information and consultation with the public, including water users” in the production, review and updating of RBM plans.

The International Sava River Basin Commission (ISRBC) involves the stakeholders at all three levels required by the EU WFD:
  • Information (ISRBC reports, trainings, courses, publications, press releases & media briefings, Sava Day celebration, Sava Youth Parliament)
  • Public consultation (conferences, public presentations, consultation workshops)
  • Active involvement (Meetings of the Parties, ISRBC sessions, meetings of expert groups, Sava Water Council).
The ISRBC is focused to cooperation with the stakeholders that are important at the transboundary level belonging to the following general categories: ministries and country/entity authorities, international organizations, public water management companies, cities/counties/drinking water utilities or their collective bodies (associations), protected areas management bodies, farmers associations, chambers of commerce, specific industries, hydropower and navigation companies, academia/research institutes and non-governmental organizations. They are involved in the ISRBC’s areas of work as nominated national bodies, observers, public concerned (specific stakeholders) and wider public.