Upravljanje podacima i informacijama

In an internationally shared basin, the exchange of quality-controlled data and information is an essential element for undertaking basin-wide activities within integrated water resources management. The exchange of data and information, in the broadest sense, is laid down in Article 4 of the FASRB, under the Parties –Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia – are obliged to exchange information on the water regime on a regular basis. An efficient way of exchange is enabled by the development of information systems of the Sava Commission.

In 2009, Sava GIS Strategy established vision, principles and objectives for development of Geographical Information System of the Sava River Basin – Sava GIS. The further conceptualisation and proposal of Sava GIS architecture is done within project “Preparation of the Implementing Documents for Establishment of Sava GIS”, completed in 2010. 

In cooperation with relevant national institutions of the Parties, the Sava Commission established a joint geo-information system for the Sava River Basin (Sava GIS) in 2015. The specific objectives of Sava GIS in this phase were focused on:
  • Providing a common spatial data framework for integration of data sets related to River Basin Management and Flood Management from national GIS into unique geodatabase of ISRBC
  • Development and implementation of effective and efficient system to support wide range of analytic, planning, management and reporting activities of ISRBC
  • Establishment of Sava Geoportal for publication and retrieval of geo-information of ISRBC
  • Development and implementation of web-based applications for data and metadata cataloguing and harvesting.
Sava GIS supports multilingual usage (all official languages of the Parties and English), as well as the Latin and Cyrillic alphabets. All interested parties (government institutions, private entities, general public, etc.) are able to view available datasets through the Sava Geoportal, in line with their authorization. Web application for editing, loading and retrieving data and metadata is also established and allows to the registered users viewing, visualizing, sharing and retrieving geographic information and datasets stored in the database for the whole basin. Sava Geoportal also includes a user management part for data and metadata editing and loading.