Varnost plovbe in povezani tehnični standardi

Navigation safety includes the basic conditions waterways and ports must comply with, inland waterway vessels, inland waterway crews, and inland waterway navigation.
Considering the provisions of the Framework Agreement on the Sava River Basin, as well as the Protocol on Navigation Regime to the Framework Agreement, improvement of navigation safety through harmonization of rules and related technical standards along with the preparation of navigation manuals are important ongoing activities of the Sava Commission.
In this regard, the Sava Commission in accordance with its competencies and proposals made by the PEG NAV, adopts appropriate decisions in the field of navigation safety. All Sava Commission decisions in this field are legally binding on the Member States.
The decisions of the Sava Commission  relate to the following issues:
  • Navigation rules;
  • Rules for the navigation personnel;
  • Rules for radiotelephone service;
  • Definition of winter ports and winter shelters;
  • Adoption of rules and plans for waterway marking and maintenance.
In order to improve navigation safety through harmonization of rules and relevant technical standards, the Sava Commission cooperates intensively with the EU, the Danube Commission (DC), and the Central Commission for the Navigation of the Rhine (CCNR) and the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), while the cooperation on the harmonization of navigation rules is particularly significant as well.
The Sava Commission also participates in the work of the European committee for drawing up standards in the field of inland navigation (CESNI) and its expert groups. CESNI's objectives are focused on providing contributions to the adoption of uniform standards on level of the whole inland waterway network in Europe, with the aim of enhancing navigation safety and environmental protection in the context of inland transport, promotion of employment in inland navigation and promotion of the attractiveness of the sector, while facilitating transport operations and promotion of international trade.
The Sava Commission developed a web application for the preparation of the Sava River Waterway Marking Plan and the web application for support to national bodies responsible for the navigation safety inspection, as web services used by the relevant authorities in the States. Among other things, complete editions Album of the Bridges on the Sava River Basin (here) and the Indicator of River Kilometers for the Sava and its Navigable Tributaries (here) were published for the first time.