Significant Water Management Issues

The significant water management issues (SWMI) for the Sava River Basin are defined as issues that directly or indirectly affect the ecological and chemical status of the surface and chemical and quantiative status of the ground water.
Based on the Sava River Basin characterization, preliminary analysis of anthropogenic pressures on surface and ground water resources, public consultation process with the relevant stakeholders, and finally upon agreement among Sava River Basin countries, as SWMIs are defined:
  • Organic pollution
  • Nutrient pollution
  • Hazardous substances pollution
  • Hydromorphological alterations
  • Ground water quality
Furthermore, several other issues are  recognized as important for the Sava River Basin requiring further elaboration, as SWMI candidates
  • Ground water quantity
  • Sediment quality and quantity
  • Invasive alian species
  • Water demand management
For each of the SWMIs or SWMI candidates visions and management objectives as preliminary steps toward specific actions are identified creating the framework for the development of the Programme of Measures in each of the planning cycles.