Flood Risk Management Plan

Flood Risk Management Plan for the Sava River Basin (Sava FRMP) developed in 2019, according to the requirements of the Protocol on Flood Protection to the Framework Agreement on the Sava River Basin is aligned to the possible extent, with the requirements of the EU Floods Directive, which sets legal basis for reduction and management of flood risks to human health, environment, cultural heritage and economic activity.
Respecting the different status of the Sava River Basin countries regarding the EU membership (Croatia and Slovenia are the EU Member State while Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia are in different stages of the accession process), preparation of the Sava FRMP highlight the importance of the international coordination facing the differencies and challenges related to processing and evaluation of the national data and information.
The Sava FRMP aiming to establish joint objectives of flood risk management in compliance with principles of long-term sustainability, identify non-structural measures and structural measures in areas of mutual interest flood protection in the Sava River Basin (AMI), and enable consistent and coordinated approach in managing these risks at the level of entire Sava River Basin. Mechanisms of coordination on the Sava River basin level and modes of cooperation in flood defence emergency situations of the competent authorities were also analysed, and recommendations for improvements are proposed in the Sava FRMP.
The Sava FRMP set up common objectives of flood risk management on the basin wide scale, and ensured a consistent and coordinated approach in management of flood risks in the basin. Objectives of the flood risk management of mutual interest in the Sava River basin which were defined in line with the Flood Risk Management Plan for the Danube River Basin (2015) are as follows:
- Avoidance of new flood risks
- Reduction of existing flood risks (during and after the floods)
- Strengthening resilience
- Raising awareness about flood risks
- Implementing solidarity principle.

Common understanding of the objectives of flood risk management at the Sava River basin level, with the aim of reducing possible negative consequences of floods to human health and life, their property and economic activities, environment, and cultural-historic heritage, and the identification of mutual benefits for the Sava River countries represented the basis for the Summary of Measures.
Within the Sava FRMP 38 structural measures in areas of mutual interest for the flood protection in the Sava River basin (AMI) with a total value of over 250 million € were identified. Structural measures were provided on the basis of national flood risk management plans in Croatia and Slovenia, as well as planning and strategic documents in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro. The national measures presented in Sava FRMP contribute to reducing the chance of duplication of works for the purpose of reducing the risk and mitigating the consequences of flooding at the basin level.
42 non-structural measures were identified and mainly relate to entire AMIs or the Sava River basin as a whole. Special importance during the identification of non-structural measures was given to data collection, preparation of studies and other activities aimed at improving the planning basis for the next planning cycle. The plan also discusses the relationship of the proposed measures with the Sava River Basin Management Plan.