Establishing an international navigation regime on the Sava River and its tributaries, which entails establishing conditions for safe navigation on the Sava River and its tributaries, is one of the main objectives of the FASRB and the Sava Commission. After the Framework Agreement on the Sava River Basin had entered into force, the Sava River became open for international navigation, which means that navigation on the Sava River is free for trade vessels of all states. This Agreement is an important first step in the development of international traffic on the Sava River.

The main focus of the Sava Commission's activities related to navigation is to provide conditions necessary for the Sava River to become an important, environmentally friendly and navigationally safe lifeline for inland transport. Regarding this objective, the Sava Commission continuously performs intensive activities to remove the existing obstacles for the sustainable development of navigation. In addition, the Sava Countries has identified the rehabilitation and development of the waterway infrastructure and the unique system of regulations for navigation safety as their main priorities in the field of navigation.
These activities include, inter alia:
  • adoption of the plan for marking, maintenance and development of navigable waterways;
  • adoption of the unified rules of navigation, taking into account the specific conditions of certain parts of the navigable waterways;
  • adoption of the technical rules concerning inland navigation vessels and rules on navigation personnel;
  • establishment of the River Information Services;
  • coordination of the activities for the rehabilitation and development of the Sava River waterway
Furthermore, together with the Member States, continuous efforts are being made by the Commission in order to secure funding for projects which would improve navigation conditions on the Sava River and thus achieve the objectives from the priority areas of cooperation agreed between the parties.