The FASRB established the Sava Commission as the international body consisted of representatives of the Parties to the FASRB, which would be passing mandatory decisions related to navigation conditions and safety of navigation, financing conditions  for projects related to the waterway infrastructure and maintenance, decisions related to annual and other mutually agreed plans and programs, as well as providing recommendations to the Parties in all other issues aimed at implementation of the FASRB.
By entering into the effect of the FASRB, issues related to the establishment of the international navigation regime on the Sava River and its navigable tributaries are regulated in the context of free navigation for all merchant vessels. Moreover, FASRB contributed to the comprehensive regulation of the legal status of the Sava River as the international waterway, establishment of sustainable water management in the Sava River Basin, application of measures on prevention or restriction of accidents, which could be caused occurrences of pollution with substances having hazardous effects on the water, as well as the mitigation of effects of natural hazards such as floods, ice and drought. 

Considering the importance of rehabilitation of navigation on the Sava River for the riparian countries and taking into account the Work Plan of the Sava Commission, particularly the part related to navigation, Permanent Expert Group for navigation was established, which would assist the Sava Commission in realization of goals defined in FASRB.