Prvi Plan upravljanja slivom rijeke Save

Under coordination of the Sava Commission, the 1st Sava RBMP (2014) has been developed according to the requirements of the FASRB and EU Water Framework Directive (WFD). The FASRB and EU WFD established a legal framework to protect and enhance the status of all waters and protected areas including water dependent ecosystems, prevent their deterioration and ensure long-term, sustainable use of water resources. The first milestone of the Sava RBMP has been publication of the Sava River Basin Analysis Report where the comprehensive analysis of the Sava River Basin has been provided, including the characterisation of transboundary surface and groundwater bodies, the identification of their significant anthropogenic pressures/ impacts, as well as aspects related to water quantity, water use, flood management and navigation. First Sava River Basin Analysis report is available at the link:

Sava River Basin Analysis Report (2009)

Subsequently, the 1st Sava RBMP was elaborated with the EU support provided through “Technical assistance in the preparation and implementation of the Sava River Basin Management Plan”. This support included direct financing of the technical assistance for the Plan preparation, and a grant to the ISRBC for an overall project management and facilitation. Plan addressed the Sava river and its tributaries larger than 1000 km2 and other tributaries of basin wide importance (like Sotla/Sutla, Lavša, Tinja Rivers) and transboundary and national groundwater bodies which are important to the size (>1000 km2) or due to various other criteria. The 1st Sava RBM Plans has been developed in close cooperation with stakeholders through provision of information (newsletters, articles at official webpage of the Sava Commission and in Sava News Flash), consultation (consultation workshops, stakeholder forum and webpage of ISRBC) and active involvement (meetings of expert groups and ISRBC sessions).  
The Parties to the FASRB approved this Plan at their Fifth Meeting held in Zagreb (Republic of Croatia) on December 2, 2014, setting by this the framework conditions of sustainable water management of the Sava River Basin.
The main strength of the 1st Sava RBMP is that it has managed to match the requirements of the EU WFD closely and address all significant water management issues with a basin-wide importance, which have been, by the agreement of the SRB stakeholders, declared as important for the Programe of Measures (PoMs). Additionally, the 1st Sava RBMP establishes several integrative principles for water management, including the integration of water protection into other developments.