Promatrači u Savskoj komisiji

“Observer in the Sava Commission” means a state, an international governmental organization, an international or national non-governmental organization, invited or accepted by the Sava Commission to participate in activities carried out within the framework of the FASRB.
General criteria under which candidates may get observer status in the Sava Commission are the following:
  • Compatibility with the goals and basic principles of the FASRB;
  • Existence of specialized technical or scientific competence or of other competencies in areas of direct relevance for the implementation of the FASRB;
  • Existence of a structured permanent administration;
  • Having legal personality;
  • International, regional or basin-wide perspective.

Observers in the Sava Commission:
If you are interested to contribute to the work of the Sava Commission in the status of an observer please consult the following document to learn more on the observers' rights and duties, criteria, and procedures for granting the status: link