Parlament mladih sa sliva rijeke Save

The ISRBC has recognized the importance of the role of young generations in river basin following the principle of sustainable development based on the assumption that the actions of older generation must not diminish the possibilities of new generations in the use of natural resources. Therefore, the ISRBC has systematically included them in the implementation of the FASRB by establishing of the Sava Youth Parliament. The members of the Sava Youth Parliament are students from secondary schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia and Serbia.

The main objectives of the Sava Youth Parliament are (i) to raise awareness of the importance of education on water and water ecology issues a, of education for making decision at local and transboundary level, of culture of dialogue between water users and (ii) to build connections between generations to solve common problems and challenges in the future, developing a balance between rights and responsibilities for water resources.

Each meeting of the Youth parliament has been organized in different countries of the Sava River Basin on particular issues:
  • The 1st of the Parliament was organized on the Sava Day, 1st of June 2012, in Lonjsko Polje (HR). The participants were enabled to become acquainted with the integral planning of the use and protection of water resources, to discuss priorities, to present their ideas and projects, and to develop cross-border co-operation;
  • On the 2nd meeting in Zasavica (RS), held on 25th of May 2013, the Statute of the Sava Youth Parliament was adopted in which the principles of work of the Parliament were defined;
  • On the 3rd meeting in Ljubljana (SI), on 19th of September 2014, which was postponed from June to September due to tragic floods on Sava River in HR, BA and RS, special attention was paid to flood protection;
  • On the 4th meeting, held in Bihać (BA) on 29-30th of May 2015, the main theme was on raising awareness of the needs on sustainable development in harmony with nature;
  • The 5th meeting was held in Lonjsko Polje (HR) on 3-4th of June 2016 aiming to inform and to transfer of knowledge and exchange of experience in relation to the extraordinary ecological values and economic potential of the Sava River Basin;
  • On the 6th meeting, held in Belgrade on 2nd -3rd of June 2017, the main theme was dedicated to climate change mitigation and adaptation;
  • The 7th meeting, held in Bohinj(SI) on 1st -2nd of June 2018, the participants discussed on the exceptional tourist potentials of the Sava River Basin;
  • The 8th meeting was held on 31st of May- 1st of June at the border region between Slovenia and Croatia (Kumrovec, Vonarje, Kozjansko Regional Park) aiming to allow the discussion and recognize the ideas of young people from the Sava river basin on methods how to harmonize interests of water users and how to resolve potential conflicts between different stakeholders at local, regional and transboundary level
The main messages from the Parliament are always presented at different occasions like Meeting of the Parties, sessions of the ISRBC and thematic workshops.
Involving young people in the implementation of the FASRB proves to be an effective approach to involve young generations into current international mechanisms in water management and it is also a good investment to ensure the water security in the future.