Zajednički akcijski plan

The Joint Plan of Actions for the Sava River Basin (JPA SRB) outlines the path towards further development of the region and for achieving greater economic regional integration. In policy terms, it presents a follow up activity to the provisions of the Declaration from the Sixth Meeting of the Parties to the FASRB (Belgrade, 01 June 2016) and a direct contribution to the Berlin-Vienna-Paris-Trieste process. It contributes to the efforts of the Parties and Montenegro to ensure sustainable economic development and growth of the basin with aim to serve as a catalyst for enhancement of the cooperation in the region.

JPA SRB was developed in spring 2017, with support of the World Bank, and supported by the member states of ISRBC and Montenegro by the Joint Statement of the representatives of the Parties to the FASRB and Montenegro on Plan of Action and Milestones for the Sava River Basin as a Catalyst for Cooperation in the region, signed at Bled (SI), on June 15, 2017.
JPA SRB represents a good platform for further activities related to the sustainable development of the region.