Sava Youth Parliament

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Recognizing the importance of the young generations role in the river basin management and planning and in order to ensure sustainability in the implementation of the Framework Agreement on the Sava River Basin (FASRB), the International Sava River Basin Commission (Sava Commission) established the Sava Youth Parliament. The Sava Youth Parliament is the unique basin wide organization for the future generations in the world, the platform where the voice of the youth can be heard.

The members of the Sava Youth Parliament are students from secondary schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia and Serbia.

Through the work of Youth Parliament the Sava Commission promotes the importance of sustainable use, and protection of water resources, raising awareness of the importance of water education, international cooperation in the field of water, supports involvement of youth in international water management mechanisms with the idea to built connection and exchange ideas between generations to solve common problems and face future challenges.

The main messages from the Sava Youth Parliament are communicated on the Meeting of the Parties of the FASRB, sessions of the Sava Commission and thematic workshops.





What about?

1st Meeting
June 01, 2012
Lonjsko Polje (HR).
Integral planning of the use and protection of water resources, developing cross-border co-operation
2nd Meeting
May 25, 2013
Zasavica (RS)
Adoption of Statute of the Sava Youth Parliament and  work of the Parliament defined;
3rd meeting
September 19, 2014
Ljubljana (SI)
Flood protection
4th meeting
May 29-30, 2015
Bihać (BA)
Sustainable development in harmony with nature;
5th meeting
June 3-4, 2016
Lonjsko Polje (HR)
Extraordinary ecological values and economic potential of the Sava River Basin
6th meeting
June 2 -3, 2017
Belgrade (RS)
Climate change mitigation and adaptation;
7th meeting
June 1-2, 2018
Exceptional tourist potentials of the Sava River Basin;
8th meeting
May 31- June 1, 2019
Border region between Slovenia and Croatia (Kumrovec, Vonarje, Kozjansko Regional Park)
Harmonize interests of water users and resolve potential water conflicts between different stakeholders at local, regional and transboundary level.
9th meeting
October 8-9, 2021
Banja Luka (BA)
Let’s protect our heritage!