Expert Groups

To foster the cooperation and assure synergy in achieving its goals, the International Sava River Basin Commission (Sava Commission) establishes expert groups. Permanent expert groups (PEGs) cover the key issues in the Sava River Basin. If needed the ad-hoc (AH EGs) and task expert groups are established to deal with specific issues. The general working arrangements for the permanent expert groups are provided by the Article 10 of the Rules of Procedure of the Sava Commission, and Terms of References per each of the permanent expert groups.

The meetings of the Permanent expert groups are attended by the experts appointed by the Sava Commission upon proposal of the Parties' representatives and are chaired by the nominated Secretariat officials. Each Party has the right to be represented by additional experts in particular meetings of the expert groups, as required. Such attendance shall be announced to the Secretariat at least three working days before the meeting by the member of the Sava Commission or the member of the expert groups.
The Observers may participate in the work of the expert groups in accordance with the procedures regulating the granting of the observer status in the Sava Commission.

Representatives of organizations, bodies, projects and individual experts involved in the Sava-related activities may be invited by the Secretariat to participate in particular meetings of the expert groups as guests if the subject is in relation to their activities and deemed necessary.