Integralno upravljanje vodama

The FASRB Parties agreed to cooperate on management of the waters of the Sava River Basin in a sustainable manner, which includes integrated management of surface and ground water resources, which would provide:
  • Water in sufficient quantity and of appropriate quality for the preservation, protection and improvement of aquatic eco-systems (including flora and fauna and eco-systems of natural ponds and wetlands); 
  • Waters in sufficient quantity and of appropriate quality for navigation and other kinds of use/utilization; 
  • Protection against detrimental effects of water (flooding, excessive groundwater, erosion and ice hazards); 
  • Resolution of conflicts of interest caused by different uses and utilizations; and 
  • Effective control of the water regime.
In the field of integrated water management, the Sava Commission is mandated to coordinate activities on the river basin management planning, flood risk management planning including establishment of the Sava Flood Forecasting and Warning System, accident prevention and control, activities related to climate change issues as well as the development of related integrated models and systems. These activities should be backed up by external support aimed at achieving the objectives on sustainable water management agreed among the Parties to the FASRB.