Permanent Expert Group for Hydrological and Meteorological Issues

Overall objective: to provide assistance, guidance and coordination to all activities of the International Sava River Basin Commission related to the implementation of the Framework Agreement on the Sava River Basin (FASRB) in the field of hydrological and metorological issues.

Main tasks
  • Participation  in  development  of  strategic  and  planning  documents  of  the  Sava  Commission,  
  • Providing support in implementation of the Policy on the Exchange of Hydrological and Meteorological Data and Information in the Sava River Basin,  
  • Actively participate in  exchange of HM data within the Sava River Basin, 
  • Providing support and assistance in performing the specific activities, as follows: 
    • creation of a HM database for the whole Sava River Basin; 
    • preparation of hydrological yearbooks of the Sava River Basin. 
    • preparation of hydrological yearbooks of the Sava River Basin.   
    • collection,  analysis  and  harmonization  of  the  HM  data  and  information  required for the development of the basin-wide plans, such as River Basin and Flood Risk management plans;  
    • preparation of flood hazard and risk maps for the Sava River Basin; 
    • conceptualization of a transboundary monitoring network of the Sava River Basin; 
    • development and maintenance of the Sava flood forecasting and warning system; 
    • upgrade  of  the  hydrologic  and  hydraulic  models  of  the  basin-wide importance, 
    • upgrade   of   the   Sava   GIS/Sava   HIS   in   accordance   with   the   GIS   Implementation Strategy.   
  • Provide  assistance  to  the  permanent  expert  groups  in  performing  their  specific  tasks other than those specified above.  
  • Exercise other tasks and duties particularly entrusted by the Sava Commission. 
Bosnia and Herzegovina:

Merima Trako, member
Azra Babić, deputy member
Saša Marić, member
Darko Borojević, deputy member
Republic of Croatia:
Dario Kompar, member
Ksenija Cindrić Kalin, member
Republic of Serbia:
Slavimir Stevanović, member
Samir Ćatović, deputy member
Republic of Slovenia:

Mira Kobold, member
Zorko Vičar, deputy member
Darko Anzeljc, deputy member

Chair: Samo Grošelj, the Sava Commission Secretariat