Permanent Expert Group for GeoInformation System

Overall objective: to provide assistance, guidance and coordination to all activities of the International Sava River Basin Commission related to the implementation of the Framework Agreement on the Sava River Basin (FASRB) in the field of water data/information management.

Main tasks
  • Participation  in  development  of  strategic  and  planning  documents  of  the  Sava  Commission, 
  • Coordination of all tasks, technical work and activities related to operational work and further developments of the Sava River Basin (Geo)Information System (Sava GIS), as well as in implementation and update of the Policy on the exchange and use of Sava GIS data and information (Sava GIS Data Policy), 
  • Following status and monitor development of the GISs of the Parties, in order to provide  recommendation  on  their  adjustment  to  be  able  to  meet  the  Sava  Commission requirements,  
  • Assistance   in   processes   of   data   harmonization   of   the national   datasets   considering specific data requirements of the Sava  GIS Data  Policy  and related EU  directives with  assurance  that  the  information  is  consistent  and  of  defined  quality by implementing metadata,  
  • Encourage  easier  integration  of  existing  GISs  in  Sava  region  into  the  Sava  GIS  through use of open standards, modern IT techniques and guidelines, 
  • Encourage more widespread use and sharing of geospatial information via use of geospatial web services; 
  • Coordination of all GIS related activities in the Sava river basin with the relevant activities at the Danube river basin level, 
  • Assistance in  the  production  of  reports  and  maps  required  by  the  Sava Commission PEGs in accordance to their specific tasks; 
  • Assistance and guidance regarding other Sava Commission systems, such as Sava Hydrologic Information System and Sava Flood Forecasting and Warning System;  
  • Participation in preparation and implementation of the GIS related projects, 
  • Preparation, as appropriate, of project proposals in support of its tasks, 
  • Providing input and guidance to the permanent and ad hoc expert groups needed to    fulfil their mandates in relation to GIS,  
  • Identification  and proposing eligible  executors  of  certain  GIS  related  activities  (could be either PEG GIS itself or external partner) if not in conflict with the Sava Commission rules regulating such issues, 
  • Proposing to the Sava Commission establishment of time-limited task groups, as and when required, to address specific issues and steer the work of any task group established on the basis of its proposal, 
  • Exercise other tasks and duties particularly entrusted by the Sava Commission. 
Bosnia and Herzegovina:

Hajrudin Mičivoda, member 
Nebojša Nikolić, member

Nikola Ristić, member
Maja Radić, deputy member
Republic of Croatia:
Sandra Šturlan Popović, member
Tijana Rosandić, deputy member
Republic of Serbia:

Merita Borota, member
Zoran Vučković, member

Milan Njegomir, member
Ognjen Radunović, deputy member
Aleksandar Drobnjak, deputy member
Tatjana Dopuđa, national expert
Darko Jaramaz, national expert
Republic of Slovenia:

Blaž Pokeršnik, member
Primož Kogovšek, deputy member
Maja Kregar, deputy member

Chair: Nikola Cvjetković, the Sava Commission Secretariat
Deputy Chair: Duško Isaković, the Sava Commission Secretariat