Sjednice Savske komisije

The FASRB established the International Sava River Basin Commission, as the joint institution having the international legal capacity being necessary for exercising its functions. It is consisted of two representatives of each Party to the FASRB, namely one member and one deputy member of each Party, having just one vote in the Sava Commission.

The Seat of the Sava Commission is Zagreb, Republic of Croatia. Status of the Sava Commission in the Republic of Croatia is regulated by the Seat Agreement between the Sava Commission and the Government of the Republic of Croatia signed on November 02, 2005, in Zagreb. Pursuant to the “Seat Agreement”, the Sava Commission has the international legal capacity and legal personality necessary for exercising its functions in Republic of Croatia, and enjoys the status of international organization having the usual privileges and immunities. The Government of Republic of Croatia also ensured the working premises of the Sava Commission and its Secretariat seated in Zagreb. 

For purpose of implementation of the FASRB, the Sava Commission passes two kinds of acts: decisions and recommendations. Decisions are being passed in the field of navigation aimed at providing the navigation safety, the requirements for financing the construction of waterways and their maintenance, and its work, budget and procedures. 
Decisions are passed unanimously and, according to the FASRB, they are mandatory for all Parties, unless, for decisions from the field of navigation, any of the Sava Commission members withdraws his vote within 30 days after a decision has been made, or informs the Sava Commission that the decision is subject to the approval of the relevant authority of his State. On all other matters regarding the implementation of the FASRB, the Sava Commission passes recommendations.

Regular Sessions

52nd Session Zagreb, September 17-18, 2019
51st Session Zagreb, March 05-06, 2019
50th Session Zagreb, December 04-05, 2018
49th Session Karlovac, July 03-04, 2018
48th Session Zagreb, February 20-21, 2018
47th Session Zagreb, October 10-11, 2017
46th Session Zagreb, June 15, 2017
45th Session Zagreb, April 11, 2017
44th Session Zagreb, February 21-22, 2017
43rd Session  
42nd Session  
41st Session  
40th Session  
39th Session  
39th Session  
37th Session   
36th Session  
35th Session  
34th Session  
33rd Session  
32nd Session  
31st Session  
30th Session  

Special Sessions and Strategic Meetings

Strategic Meeting Zagreb, July 02, 2019
Special Session Zagreb, September 22-23, 2009
Special Session Zagreb, May 06-07, 2009
Special Session Zagreb, April 07-08, 2008