Sastanci stranaka

Meeting of the Parties to the FASRB as important institutional mechanism of implementation of the FASRB presents good opportunity to additionally strengthen the role of the Sava Commission in development of regional cooperation among the Sava countries and to recognize their joint interests that can be achieved through the Sava Commission and with active collaboration with international community. Different status of the Parties to the FASRB in regard to their membership at the European Union is increasing the need for more active involvement of the Sava Commission on regional level in order to exhaust all possibilities to realize the goals of the FASRB. 

The Meeting of the Parties is foreseen to be held at least once every two years with the aim to review the work and actions of the Sava Commission, make decisions based on proposals and recommendations of the Sava Commission, consider and adopt proposals of new protocols and amendments to the FASRB, and consider and undertake any additional actions that may be required for fulfillment of purposes of the FASRB.

Meetings of the Parties to the FASRB

Eight Meeting of the Parties Sarajevo, October 24, 2019
Seventh Meeting of the Parties Bled, June 07, 2018
Sixth Meeting of the Parties Belgrade, June 01, 2016
Fifth Meeting of the Parties Zagreb, December 02, 2014
Fourth Meeting of the Parties Sarajevo, May 31, 2013
Third Meeting of the Parties Brdo near Kranj, May 31-June 01, 2011
Second Meeting of the Parties Belgrade, June 01, 2009
First Meeting of the Parties Zagreb, June 01, 2007

Ministerial and other high level meetings