Restoration and development of the Sava River waterway

The international waterway of the Sava River and its navigable tributaries is defined by the Protocol on Navigation Regime to the Framework Agreement on the Sava River Basin, as follows: for the Sava River from rkm 0 (Beograd) to rkm 594 (Sisak), Kolubara River from rkm 0 to rkm 5, Drina River from rkm 0 to rkm 15, Bosna River from rkm 0 to rkm 5.00, Vrbas River from rkm 0 to rkm 3, Una River from rkm 0 to rkm 15, and on the Kupa from rkm 0 to rkm 5.
The Sava River waterway is classified in accordance with Decisions 19/08, 14/12 and 5/17 on the classification of the Sava River waterway.
Section of the Sava River Length (km) Waterway Class
downstream (rkm) upstream (rkm)
0.0 Ušće Save 81.0 Kamičak 81.0 Va
81.0 Kamičak 176.0 Rača 95.0 IV
176.0 Rača 196.0 Domuskela 20.0 III
196.0 Domuskela 313.7 Slavonski Šamac / Šamac 117.7 IV
313.7 Slavonski Šamac / Šamac 338.2 Oprisavci / Rit kanal 24.5 III
338.2 Oprisavci / Rit kanal 371.2 Slavonski Brod / Brod 33.0 IV
371.2 Slavonski Brod / Brod 594.0 Sisak 222.8 III
The waterway is marked for navigation in accordance wth the current conditions on the waterway, and the marking system is prone to changes according to such conditions and river engineering works on waterway (The current state of the marking system).

Due to the geo-political changes in the region in the 1990s, there was complete interruption of navigation and any significant maintenance of the waterway.
In order to rederess such a situation, the International Sava River Basin Commission (Sava Commission), undertook a a wide range of activities, the most important being the development of the Pre-Feasibility Study for Rehabilitation and Development of the Sava River Waterway and the Feasibility Study and Project Documentation for the Rehabilitation and Development of Transport and Navigation on the Sava River Waterway.
The Sava Commission  and the Sava River Basin countries continue to undertake measures, striving for the restoration and the development of the waterway by upgrading the Sava River waterway between Belgrade and Sisak, to at least waterway class IV and to class Va on the sectors where feasible. The incresed navigability upstream of Sisak is planned for later stage in line with the development of economic activities and transport.