Consultation on the Draft Sava RBM Plan

Consultation on the draft Sava RBMP ran from 21 December 2011 until 21 April 2012.


A total of 119 comments on the draft SRBMP Plan were received. During the response process 53 comments were justified while 66 comments were not accepted. Out of 53 justified comments, for 44 comments it was concluded that the corrections/enhancements in the text of the Sava RBMP should be made. The final draft SRBM Plan, available for download from this site, contains also the enhancements made on the basis of justified comments.
The whole process of public involvement in preparation of the SRBM Plan has been elaborated in the following document:

 Summary of PP in SRBMP preparation_final.pdf


We would like to thank to all those who participated in this consultation process and helped in creating an effective and achievable Sava River Basin Management Plan!