Prva radionica dionika u okviru SHELTER projekta

On October 02, 2019 the First Stakeholder Workshop within the H2020 Project SHELTER, was held in Zagreb, Croatia. The workshop was organized by the International Sava River Basin Commission, together with the project coordinator Tecnalia Research & Innovation and project partners UNESCO and IHE Delft Institute for Water Education.

The overall objective of the SHELTER (Sustainable Historic Environments hoListic reconstruction through Technological Enhancement and community based Resilience) is to establish cross-scale, multidimensional, data driven and community based operational knowledge framework for heritage-led and conservation-friendly resilience enhancement and sustainable reconstruction of historic areas to cope with climate change and natural hazards. Details about the project available here.

The following specific objectives of the workshop were successfully achieved:
• The SHELTER project presented and discussed including its expected outcomes, as well as inputs collected from the stakeholders regarding the objectives, criteria, indicators and data & information that should be included in the project implementation.
• The possible process and settings for stakeholders participating in the project implementation discussed; in addition, input that will assist to define the level and means of participation for the different stakeholders provided.

The workshop achieved to bring together about twenty experts from cultural heritage authorities, flood management operators and emergency responders from the Sava River basin as major stakeholders of the project in consultation with the Sava Commission.