Development of the Plan

Parties to the FASRB, having noted the need to deepen the cooperation and to implement jointly agreed activities aimed at ensuring preconditions for sustainable flood protection in the basin, have agreed to prepare the Protocol on Flood Protection to the FASRB - link. The Protocol was signed by all the Parties in 2010 and entered into force on 27th November 2015. It represents a firm legal foundation for the implementation of all activities agreed by Sava countries, via their joint platform – ISRBC.

By the Protocol, the Parties have undertaken the obligation to cooperate in the implementation of the following activities:

  • Undertaking of Preliminary Flood Risk Assessment (PFRA)
  • Preparation of Flood Maps
  • Development of Sava FRMP, starting with preparation of the Program for development of Sava FRMP (Program)
  • Establishment of the Flood Forecasting, Warning and Alarm System (FFWS) in the Sava River Basin
  • Exchange of information significant for sustainable flood protection
  • Implementation of all measures and activities of mutual interest, originating from planning documents or the above activities.

It is important to emphasize that significant joint actions have already been undertaken, even before the Protocol formally entered into force. This has been achieved through the work of ISRBC and its relevant expert bodies. The following activities can be listed as the examples of achievements:

  • Preparation of the joint Preliminary Flood Risk Assessment for the Sava River Basin - link
  • Establishment of an IT base for data and information exchange, to be used in development of the Sava FRMP: SavaGIS ( and SavaHIS (
  • Hydrologic model for the whole Sava River Basin and the unsteady hydraulic model for the Sava River, etc.

Program for Development of the Flood Risk Management Plan in the Sava River Basin – link, was adopted in February 2017 and provides for activities and actions required for the development of the Sava FRMP in line with the Protocol, taking into account the activities already finished or ongoing in the Parties and at the basin-wide level. The Program comprises all elements relevant for development of the Sava FRMP, including responsibilities of the Parties, mechanisms of the plan development, holders of the particular activities and their realization deadlines. The Program is consolidated and fully aligned with the Parties to the FASRB, so that it present binding program for elaborating Sava FRMP.

The Sava FRMP is aiming, inter alia, to:

  • Set up common objectives of managing the flood risk at the SRB level based on a long-term sustainable approach; and
  • Ensure a consistent and coordinated approach to flood risk management in the basin.

This is an important key step in fulfilling the provisions of the Protocol by cooperating on basis of the FD, taking into account the Action Program for Sustainable Flood Protection in the Danube River Basin and Flood Risk Management Plan for the Danube River Basin. This process, coordinated by the ISRBC, complements actions of the International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River (ICPDR), in the similar manner as previously performed in the Sub-basin Level Flood Action Plan for Sava River Basin (2009), as well as in relation to the Danube and Sava River Basin Management Plans (2015).

Sava FRMP assesses flood risks and their impact in the transboundary context, as well as proposes joint measures timing and modes of implementation. ISRBC shall regularly review progress in implementation of the measures at the national level, and collect information for the updates in the following 6-year reporting cycle.