Stakeholders Forum for the development of Environmental Impact Assessment study and design for the action: Improvement of the navigability conditions of the Sava River from rkm 300 to rkm 329

end:  31.12.2020.start:  01.01.2018.
Following the initiative of the Republic of Croatia from the 43rd session of the Sava Commission, to start with the rehabilitation of the most critical fairway section of the Sava River waterway Jaruge – Novi Grad, it comenced the measures on “Development of Environmental Impact Assessment Study and Design for the Action: Improvement of the Navigability Conditions of the Sava River from rkm 300 to rkm 329 “.

Considering the need for the implementation of the principles from Joint Statement on Guiding Principles for the Development of Inland Navigation and Environmental Protection in the Danube River Basin, the Committee for Monitoring and Coordination of Implementation of the Project Rehabilitation and Development of Transport and Navigation on the Sava River Waterway adopted the proposal for the establishment of a Stakeholder Forum for this Project at its 7th meeting.

Consequently, the Secretariat of the Sava Commission drew up a call for expression of interest to participate in the work of the Forum, while the Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure of the Republic of Croatia and the Ministry of Communications and Transport of BiH announced the call on their web sites. Afterwards it was organized a web meeting of the Committee, at which were presented and adopted all delivered applications from local authorities, environmental NGOs and shipping industry organizations.

Meanwhile, on April 23, 2019 Sava Comission adopted the decision on Establishment of the Stakeholders Forum for the Project concerned, defining the main tasks of the Forum that would ensure transparency in the implementation of the project and facilitate better communication between competent authorities in the field of water transport.




Decision on the Establishment of the Stakeholders Forum


First meeting of the Stakeholders Forum


Second meeting of the Stakeholders Forum