Flood Forecasting and Warning System in the Sava River Basin - Sava FFWS

end:  31.10.2018.start:  21.06.2016.
Establishement of a joint Flood Forecasting and Warning System in the Sava River Basin was a component of the project "Improvement of Joint Actions in Flood Management in the Sava River Basin", which included two components:
1. preparation of the Flood Risk Management Plan in the Sava River Basin (Sava FRMP),
2. establishement of a joint Flood Forecasting and Warning System in the Sava River Basin (Sava FFWS).

The project was funded by the Western Balkans Investment Framework (WBIF) and implemented by the World Bank.

The project  at the end provided an integrated forecasting system, covering the complete Sava River Basin. The beneficiary countries are Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia, while the entire process was coordinated by ISRBC in accordance with the Protocol on Flood Protection to the Framework Agreement to the Sava River Basin - link.

The successful implementation of Sava FFWS resulted in:
(1) Operational and coordinated flood forecasting and early warning system for the whole Sava River Basin
(2) Well trained staff in each of the Sava countries
(3) Recommendations on the future improvement of the system in terms of monitoring, telemetry, model development and improved implementation with prioritization of activities and estimates of the required funding.

Background information
National Hydrometeorological Services of the Sava countries in 2003 initiated activities for development of flood forecasting system in the Sava River Basin. International Sava River Basin Commission (ISRBC), immediately after the beginning of its functioning, strongly supported the initiative of the national HMSs and actively involved in the implementation of all future joint activities. In coordination with representatives of the Parties to the FASRB and Montenegro, in 2013 ISRBC has prepared the project proposal for establishement of a joint system and submitted to WBIF. The project was approved in June 2014.

The beneficiaries agreed to develop a common flood forecasting platform, keeping their own autonomy in monitoring, modelling and forecasting and remain free to develop their own models and supplementary flood/drought forecasting initiatives. The system is assessed as added value to existing or developing systems, expecting that a common flood/drought forecasting platform with well trained staff should provide better preparedness and optimized mitigation measures to significantly help reduce consequences of floods/droughts.
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