Visit to the Serbian MFA

On June 20 2006, the Chairman of the Sava Commission, Mr. Kemal Karkin, and the Secretary of the Secretariat of the Sava Commission, Mr. Dejan Komatina, visited the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Serbia, with aim to inform the representatives of the Ministry about the process of realization of the Framework Agreement on the Sava River Basin and current topics, as well as to introduce the access of Republic of Serbia to realization of the Agreement, after transformation of the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro into two independent states, to the representatives of the Sava Commission.

The meeting was attended by the three-member delegation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Serbia, with Dr Pavle Jevremović, assistant minister, as its Head, and representative of the Water Directorate of Republic of Serbia, Ms. Dragana Milovanović.

Thereon, Mr. Karkin informed the attendees about main goals of the Agreement and activities of the Sava Commission on their realization, and Mr. Komatina submitted brief report on so-far and planned activities of the Sava Commission Secretariat. Mr. Jevremović expressed doubtless interest of Republic of Serbia for realization of the Sava Agreement and readiness of the state to actively cooperate with the Sava Commission, as well as the large interest and expectations, which exist in Republic of Serbia in regard to activities of the Sava Commission.
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