The vision of the International Sava River Basin Commission (ISRBC) is a transboundary cooperation for sustainable development of the region, which is based on:

  • sovereign equality, territorial integrity, mutual benefit, and good faith;
  • mutual respect of national legislation, institutions and organizations;
  • accordance with the EU directives (e.g. Water Framework Directive and Floods Directive);
  • regular exchange of information within the basin (i.e. on water regime, navigation regime, legislation, organizational structures, administrative and technical practices);
  • cooperation with international organizations (such as the International Commission for the Protection of Danube River, Danube Commission, the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, and institutions of the European Union);
  • reasonable and equitable use of water;
  • securing the integrity of the water regime in the basin;
  • reduction of transboundary impacts caused by economic and other activities of the Parties;
  • prevention of causing significant harm to other Party(ies), when using water of the basin,
and includes the whole of water resources management, namely:
  • issues of sustainability (protection/improvement of water quality, water quantity and aquatic ecosystem);
  • protection against the harmful effects of water (due to floods, ice, droughts, and accidents);
  • development activities (i.e. navigation, hydropower, water supply, irrigation, recreation and tourism, and other kinds of water use).

The long-term benefit resulting from the work of the ISRBC and implementation of the Framework Agreement on the Sava River Basin, and given the fact that Sava is a Danube sub-basin, will be:

  • establishment of the international legal regime by enforcement of instruments of international water law;
  • establishment of international navigation law;
  • establishment of international law on environmental protection;
  • appropriate implementation of the EU regulation being applied to water resources of the Danube River, in the Sava River Basin.