2nd SWC meeting

end:  07.06.2016.start:  06.06.2016.
venue:  Sevnica (SI)
The 2nd meeting of the Sava Water Council (SWC) was held in Sevnica (SI) on Monday 6th and Tuesday 7th of June, 2016.

The SWC has been established as an advisor body of International Sava River Basin Commission (ISRBC) for the general purpose of public participation and stakeholder involvement in the work of the ISRBC. Through the SWC the ISRBC would be adequately and appropriately informed with knowledge, tools and innovations regarding water resources, river basin management, navigation and other water users (e.g. nautical and eco-tourism) and about the concerns and needs of the stakeholders. The 2nd meeting gathered more than 40 representatives and experts from municipalities, water agencies, research institutions, regional agencies, chambers of commerce, NGOs from the Sava countries (BA, HR, SI and RS). The meeting was jointly organized by the US Government, Sevnica Municipality and ISRBC. The basic theme of the meeting was Implications of river basin management planning on local level. At the beginning the examples of the projects on basin, transboundary/cross-border and local level were presented and the SWOT analysis of the top-down and bottom up approach to water management was discussed. In addition new project ideas in the field of water protection, spatial planning and tourism development was defined. As a conclusion the participants proposed to prepare a project proposal for the development of the sustainable river tourism which comprises nautical, rural, cultural and eco-tourism for the Sava river basin. The participants also agreed that it would be necessary to find synergies with other similar projects proposed within the Danube and Central Europe Strategy in connection with the Adriatic-Ionian Initiative.
During the meeting the site visit to Hydropower Plant Arto-Blanca was organized which could serve as an example of integrated approach to hydropower generation, flood management, environmental protection and tourism development.


Samo Grošelj
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